At St. Petersburg's freeFall Theatre

@freeFall Theatre
January 27, 2024


Rim Karnavicius

Rim lends his menacing bass to Triumph of Spring

Emily Lusk

Emily is the soprano lead in the world premiere of Triumph of Spring


Johanna and the belly dancers of Hip Expressions are back with more exotic mayhem!

Kevin Mitchell Jr.

Kevin sings tenor in Triumph of Spring

Elliot Greenbaum

Leader of the Tampa Writer's Alliance Poets group, Elliot will share a poem ... if he can find it!

Maija Currey

Maija sings soprano in Triumph of Spring

Rubén Vásquez

Yogi and author Rubén will guide us through a few thoughtful moments.

Polyester, please

The Festive Florida Singers from the 70s will play some retro grooves.

Nicole Cortero

Nicole will play Malikmata by Antonio Molina & Salamisim by Lucio San Pedro

And the
Sunshine City Trio!

Carol Skey


Julie Tollen


Ruth Kern


Original Works by

Tom Sivak

Hear songs from composer Tom Sivak's Oh Gasparella! - and Sunshine City, The Musical! written with lyricist Dewey Davis-Thompson.

Dewey Davis-thompson

Playwright, lyricist and Pirates & Angels producer, Dewey has all this and even more fun lined up for everyone!

Chris Romeo

Composer Chris Romeo wrote Triumph of Spring with lyricist Dewey Davis-Thompson.

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Photos from Jan 2024 Show

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