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At Opera Central
October 28 & 29

Paula Broadwater

Paula will sing Cabaret, All of Me and other songs!


Spence is back as the Czar of "Swimsuit Inspections" from Sunshine City, The Musical.

Kaia Owens

Winner of St. Pete Opera Guild's 2022 Competition Kaia will sing Batti, batti, o bel Masetto and Porgi Amor from Le Nozze do Figaro.

Johanna Zenobia Krynytzky

Johanna from Hip Expressions will share her misunderstood art.


Chris Romeo, Jolanda Nel, Derek Roura and Stephanie McCranie combine classical and pop music!

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Victoria Stout

A SPO Chorus fixture, Victoria takes center stage Saturday night!

Rubén Vásquez

Yogi and author Rubén will guide us through a few thoughtful moments.

Reid Jenkins

Reed's murals adorn St. Pete's streets. He brings smaller artworks to our show!


Dancer, poet and philsopher Sarah will perform.

Tom Sivak

See composer Tom Rags to Riches and songs from Sunshine City The Musical

Dewey Davis-thompson

Playwright, lyricist and producer, Dewey has some fun lined up for everyone!

And the
Sunshine City Trio!

Carol Skey


jamiel Arth


Ruth Kern

Photos from October 2022

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