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Yes, each cast member can have one comp.  I’ll find out how house management wants to process this comps.  Most likely it will be one ticket under each cast member’s name.

This is the last thing we discussed as far as rehearsal/tech…

MON JAN 22 – 6pm-9pm, blocking rehearsal in the theater.  No tech support.

MEET WITH TRENTEN TO DISCUSS LIGHT PLOT – Before Saturday.  What is your availability that week Tues Jan 23 – Fri Jan 26 so we can schedule… specifically during the day – late mornings or early afternoon?.  We’ll have rehearsal for Rosewater late afternoons/evenings.

SAT JAN 27 – 

This is what I have down…

Tech 2-5:30 (we can start at 1:00 as well)

dinner break 5:30-6:30

house opens at 6:30

The tech cue to cue would need to be done by 5:30 to give Trenten and Nathan a dinner break.  You can use 2-5:30 however you like?  (or even start at 1:00 or 1:30.   Obviously we’ll need some sound/mic time within that time block.

The whole cast will be there from 2-5:30 (or 1-5:30 correct?)

A reminder that the stage setup is “avenue”.  The audience on both sides facing each other.  See attached pic from a previous show in this formation.  I’m back at freeFall next week and can get the set design for the next show and see where we can put the trio.  We had discussed either off stage or on one of the ends.  In either case, you will have an entrance on each side of the avenue.  I’ll get the width and length of the stage space when I’m there next week.

Any other questions?

Avenue freeFall example pic.png


Avenue freeFall example pic.png1.8 MB