TSR Tests the Limits at 620!

Thrift Store Revolution has some fun at studio@620

TSR is Thrift Store Revolution, the band set to anchor the VARIETY@620 SHOW that premieres this fall.  To get ready for the season-long gig in the intimate studio@620 space in downtown St. Petersburg, TSR is performing monthly on Monday nights for just $5!

studio@620 always has an art exhibit, which shares the space with theatre, dance, lectures, poetry, music and song.  Thrift Store Revolution  plays original music that is a fusion of relaxed and upbeat sounds well-suited to the art.  A glass of wine and a chocolate chip cookie complete the sensual decadence of the venue.

TSR is Marión  Haase on guitar, electric violin and vocals; Brian Prieto on bass guitar; Alex Montalvo on drums; Myles Dudley on trumpet and sax; and Chris Romeo on vocals and keyboard. “We have a groovy sound that blends elements of ska and reggae along with some latin, rock, punk, and jazz flares.”

How does TSR’s big sound fit in the delicate studio@620?  Join them at the next gig and find out!